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Europe – Portugal


Porto Itinerary for One Month

Looking to spend some time in Porto, Portugal? Here you can find suggestions for your Porto itinerary. If you’re spending time in Portugal, we also recommend you check out our blog on what you can do and see in Lisbon. Sean and I spent one month in Porto, Portugal in July, so these are our recommendations for what you can include on your itinerary for one month...

Lisbon Itinerary for One Month

Looking to find the best things to do when in Lisbon? Here is our Lisbon itinerary for one month. Use this itinerary for one month or just a couple of weeks. This depends on how quickly you’d like to travel. Also, if you’re in Portugal and you have the time, you should check out Lagos. You can find information about our adventure in Lagos here. Week One...

Lagos Portugal

One Week in Lagos Portugal

Looking for some ideas on how you might want to spend a week in Lagos? Maybe you’ll find this blog helpful by exploring what we did in our week in Lagos, Portugal. Before we continue though, if you’re interested in reading our last post about Switzerland, you can check that out here. Otherwise, if you’re new here, you can learn more about us. But...