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From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace, and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travelers for centuries.

nomading nerds one month in kyoto osaka

One Month in Kyoto

Spending significant time in Japan can be both overwhelming and amazing. We spent a little over one month in Kyoto while also visiting the nearby cities of Osaka and Nara. Come along with us to find out what we did, how we spent one month in Kyoto, and some of our favorite places/attractions. You can also learn more about our traveling adventures here. Where We...

Da Nang Dragon Bridge Top Things to do and see

Things to Do in Da Nang

As we enter the 8th month of our yearly travel, we’re taken to Da Nang, Vietnam. When we decided to go to Vietnam, we originally planned for Hanoi. But after more research, we decided on Da Nang due to the busyness of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. We prefer quieter places and near the beach. Da Nang seemed to fit that bill. Find out things to do in Da Nang and how we...

Life in Koh Samui Thailand

Living on Koh Samui

We spent a little over a month living on Koh Samui island in Thailand. We may not have taken advantage of everything the island has to offer but we did get to experience many of the popular sites. If you’re interested in our other Thailand travels, check out Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Where to Stay This topic comes up quite frequently when living on Koh Samui...

10 Days in Bangkok Thailand Must See

10 Days in Bangkok

Visiting the bustling, vibrant city of Bangkok? There are endless amounts of information on the internet about how to travel Bangkok. Our experience won’t really be anything all that different, but you can enjoy the adventures of two nerds as we spend 10 days in Bangkok. If nothing else, maybe you’ll find it amusing and enjoyable. If you’re visiting...