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Asia – Japan

nomading nerds nikko japan

A Week in Nikko

Near the end of our time in Japan, we decided we wanted to spend some time away from the major cities. After doing some research, Sean came across Nikko, Japan and it looked beautiful. So we decided to spend a week in Nikko… or be to more accurate, Kinugawa-Onsen. We stayed at Kinugawa Pension Bamboo, which happened to be a small hotel/restaurant in easy...

nomading nerds disneysea and disneyland tokyo disney

Tokyo Disney and DisneySea

Visiting Tokyo Disney and DisneySea was something I was not sure I wanted. Sean wanted to go but I know that previous experiences with Disneyland in California have always ended with me feeling like the idea of going was better than the actual experience. I was even more hesitant knowing that the population in Japan and specifically in Tokyo is one of the largest and...

nomading nerds one month in kyoto osaka

One Month in Kyoto

Spending significant time in Japan can be both overwhelming and amazing. We spent a little over one month in Kyoto while also visiting the nearby cities of Osaka and Nara. Come along with us to find out what we did, how we spent one month in Kyoto, and some of our favorite places/attractions. You can also learn more about our traveling adventures here. Where We...

nomading nerds one month in tokyo mount fuji

Our Tokyo Itinerary

After spending a little over a month in Kyoto, we headed to Tokyo…or rather Kawasaki. We opted for an AirBnB outside of the Tokyo due to lower prices. It was 20 minutes or more (usually at least 40 minutes) to get any major areas in Tokyo, but we were able to get more of a glimpse of local life. Anyway, here is our Tokyo itinerary for the month we were there...