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Hi, we’re Sean and Veronica aka Ronnie, two married nerds who are set on exploring the world and finding all the fun, nerdy locations. Our goal is to travel long-term and explore some of our favorite movie locations, new toy shops and comic book stores, and to share all of that fun information with you! So follow us for information on how we’re making this happen, all our travel adventures, to find out the cool locations some of your favorite movie locations were filmed, and see toy and comic book stores from around the world!


About me:  Hi! I’m Veronica, aka Ronnie (no, not Victoria!). I currently work as a therapist in the lovely state of California but I’m working on taking those skills to travel and broaden my knowledge and understanding of mental health while fueling my own mental well-being. My love of travel started at a very young age. I couldn’t even tell you when, other than I’ve grown up doing some form of traveling (though mainly local trips). My parents always took my brother and I on summer camping and backpacking trips while we were growing up. Then around 12 years old I attended a summer camp that had a travel program.

That was my first experience traveling “alone” without my parents. These were weekly trips to nearby states along the East Coast of the United States, with the only border crossing being Toronto Canada. Though my first overseas international travel wouldn’t be until my freshman year of college, I loved every minute of the travel I did get.

  At 18 years old I embarked on a short, week long, trip to Scotland through my university’s travel aboard program, call Spring Preview. I was able to participate in this program that allowed students to travel to either Scotland, Italy, or Spain (there may have been a fourth place. I don’t remember) for a really cheap price. This was the schools way of giving the students an idea of what studying aboard could be (the school was really big on studying aboard).

I, unfortunately, did not take advantage of all the study aboard programs available until my second semester of junior year. At this time, I had decided to do a full semester aboard in Australia. Woo-wee! Was that one of the best experiences of my life so far! I spent 4 months in New South Wales, Australia attending classes and trying to explore as much as I could on the minimum amount of money I had available at the time. This was it for me!

Ronnie in Death Valley

Though I wouldn’t do any major international traveling for several more years, I thought about it frequently. The next year (2010) I met Sean and luckily he seemed as interested in traveling and exploring new places as I was. Basically we started off taking more local trips; a week in Baltimore, a week or two in Florida (to visit the Wizarding World of course), a week at Yellowstone; when Sean got a job in San Diego, CA and decided to move alllllll the way to the West Coast. I followed, it provided me the opportunity to live somewhere outside the Philadelphia area and a new location to explore. After a couple of years exploring our new home, we booked a two week trip to Greece. Best. Experience. Ever. (….so far). You can read more about it here.

Man was Greece beautiful and amazing and we’ve been chasing that high ever since. After our trip and engagement in Greece (a more local trips to Hawaii, Yosemite, and Utah), we started planning, what should have been our honeymoon, trip to New Zealand. That trip was all booked and planned for May 2020 (do I even have to address what happened? No, you get it.)

Since that trip, sadly, fell through and having been stuck unable to travel for a year, Sean and I started talking about all the places we wanted to see and visit and experience. And we want more long term! No more one week, two week shenanigans! We want 1 month, 2 months, 6 months! This brings us to the present. We are currently in the process of working out and planning for long-term travel (one year? Two years? We’ll see). So that’s me! I will keep you updated on how the planning is going and any tips or tricks I pick up along the way as I research and plan. As a mental health therapist I am excited to learn and explore all the intricacies and humanness the world has to offer!


Hello! I am Sean and I am the President and Founder of DISPLAY GEEK, INC in San Diego, California. My company makes eco friendly lightweight display cases for toys and collectibles with a main focus on Funko Pops. I founded it in 2015 after working years in a cubicle for someone else. I did all the things I was supposed to do, went to college and started a career in my field. After about 15 years of being taken advantage of by my employers, i decided to MAKE A THING (as Chris Hardwick told me to do).

My addiction to collectibles put me in a situation where I was out of room, so I made a display case. The goal was always to automate the company and free up my life. It took 5-1/2 years of low profit to finally start the process. Now because of the pandemic, I was able to change priorities and solve the issue. I am no longer anchored to my office and officially LOCATION INDEPENDENT!

I started to really think about the things that make me happy… TRAVELING. Are we rich? Not even a little. Are we adventurous? Not as much as we should be. We are introverts that love to explore new places. So… WHY NOT! I am already 38 years old and I am not interested in sitting at a job until I retire so that I may see the world when I am less healthy at 65.

I think “Travel” is the most common answer you will get when you ask people what they would do if they had more free time. That has been my answer my whole life while years fly by. I also don’t always feel like I belong in the U.S.A.

My Advice for everyone: No more waiting. Start that business. Make that time. Leave that job. You can do it! Go see the world NOW and not later. You can always make more money, but you can’t get more time. Go live your life.

Sean and the Matterhorn